Black Stuff is a missing part of our diet - in the form of a food supplement.

Black Stuff balances our body, removing harmful substances from the body and at the same time helping the body to better absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals.
It frees the body from overload and gives time to deal with what is important - to protect the body and work effectively.

As far as people are concerned, there are also consumption, eating and exercise habits, and because of this, the perceived effects of Black Stuff are different for each person.
Based on that, we can't promise anyone any definite results, but the main noticeable changes for consumers have been that Black Stuff:
Gives extra energy to the body
Relieves sleep disorders.
Reduces joint pain.
Relieves skin problems.
Improves gastrointestinal function.
Stabilizes blood sugar.
Stabilizes iron levels in the body.
Increases resistance to diseases.
Accelerates injury healing
Helps to recover from training.

Try it yourself and make sure. :)

Black Stuff Powder

  • Polyphenols, fulvic acid, humic acid.
    Also suitable for vegans.

  • 1/3 teaspoon per day, preferably dissolved in liquid.

    Especially suitable in smoothies and hot drinks.
    Practically tasteless, with a light vanilla aftertaste. Also suitable for topical use on the skin of the face or for relieving mouth ulcers.

    Pack of 30g of powder