Black Stuff has introduced cookies to your four-legged favorite.

Black Stuff feed supplement takes care of the animal's intestinal balance and microbiome.
Maintaining intestinal balance is important because, as Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, pointed out 2,000 years ago, all diseases begin in the intestine, and when this imbalance is lost, various physical and mental problems occur.

The three most important properties of the Black Stuff feed additive are that it:
Improves the work of the stomach and intestinal microbiome. Improves the absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract.
Removes heavy metals and free radicals from the body.

As a result, the dog's well-being and normalization of the digestive system are noticeable.

Black Balance for dogs

  • Birch and black swallow extract (fulvic and humic acids); Water; Rye bran; Brown sugar; Rye flour; Oatmeal; Linseed oil; Potato fiber

    No flavors, fragrances or preservatives have been added.
    The product is completely vegan.

  • 1 cookie a day for a large dog
    Half a day for a small dog

    Pack of 30 cookies