What is Black Stuff?

Black Stuff is a missing link from our food. The task of Black Stuff is to balance our body, remove harmful substances like toxins, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, etc. from our body and at the same time help the body to absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals. Balance in the body brings better well-being and fewer health problems.


Why do I need Black Stuff?

Health does not only start from food, but from where it ends up - in the gut. Unfortunately, due to modern farming practices, our food is no longer the same as it was 20 years ago. Due to the absence of humus removed from the soil, neither humans nor animals receive the required amount of humic substances. In the absence of these substances, the body is unable to feed itself effectively with vitamins and minerals, and this can lead to a number of different health concerns, especially in the gut.


What benefits can consuming Black Stuff bring me?

Gives extra energy to the body.

Makes digestion smoother.

Helps keep appetites under control. Relieves skin problems.

Creates a better well-being.

Better sleep quality.

Reduces muscle and joint pain.

Stabilizes blood sugar and iron levels. Increases resistance to disease. Accelerates injury healing.

Speeds up recovery time from training.