What is Black Stuff?

Black Stuff is a missing link from our food. The task of Black Stuff is to balance our body, remove harmful substances(toxins, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, etc.) from our body and at the same time help the body to absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Why do I need Black Stuff?

Our food is no longer the same as it was 20 years ago. Modern farming practices have removed humus from our soil. Due to the lack of humus, animals and humans no longer receive sufficient humic substances from their normal diet. In the absence of these substances, the body is unable to feed itself with vitamins and minerals. It can lead to many different diseases and other health concerns.

What benefits can consuming Black Stuff bring me?

May improve gastrointestinal function.

Can provide energy and accelerate post-workout recovery.

May relieve sleep disorders.

Removes toxins from the body.

May relieve joint pain.

May stabilize blood sugar.

May relieve skin problems.

May stabilize iron levels in the body.

May speed up injury healing due to supplemental oxygen.


Nature’s own best medicine, a hidden treasure. BLACK STUFF aids in keeping your gut microbial environment in balance and providing the conditions to absorb and administer nutrients, antioxidants, fatty acids and minerals at a cellular level. Poor quality soil, deficient in organic matter and healthy microbes, leads to fresh produce that lacks many of the components for our microbiome. BLACK STUFF combines wood lignin and chaga, a mushroom, that can be easily absorbed by our body. BLACK STUFF has a high amount of fulvic acid, humic acid and polyphenols.

I have used it with my friend for sometime now and I definitely feel some strange changes. Joint pain has definitely reduced. Incredible! Really cool! Thank you very much!

Tiia Paukson

I have used Black Stuff only for a week and my digestive problems are already gone. Digestive problems were very annoying health problems for me. I’m glad that when I’m using Black Stuff I don’t have them. Thank you!

Elen Tšetsin

I wanted to say that you have crazy product. I took the first Black Stuff capsule yesterday and today I took another one and inflammation on my spots is already gone. You are doing the right thing! Thank you!

Kevin Arike


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